An Exciting Day at



Paul in the audio booth

Blogpost: Phil Countryman, Step-up Intern

Today was an exciting day for us as Step-up interns at Paul took us to Cinequipt to buy a new video camera for the company. After getting back and ordering lunch, we tackled the large list of tasks in front of us. While Deshawn completed distribution of the Graduation DVD orders, I (Phil) worked on fixing a broken display on an old MacBook Pro. Paul made it very clear to me how important it was that the machine made it through the procedure alive. I took the job very seriously and performed my best efforts in repairing the distressed machine.

Ryan creating Graphics

Everyone else was focused on other work, so there was no room for error in the dangerous challenge at hand. It soon became apparent to me that the machine was beyond repair. Knowing the situation would be hard on Paul, I broke the news delicately. I took him aside, sat him down, got him a cup of coffee and explained that I had done all that I could. He took all of this information in stride and decided that the hard drive must be removed. It took me awhile to get the drive out without destroying it, but I was ultimately successful! The entire conundrum had Deshawn thoroughly amused.

Luis fueling up to edit

On other fronts Paul was busy doing voice recordings for School Matters the award-winning show for MPS and some promotional videos that Luis was editing, and Nate and Ryan were working on green screen effects and graphics for one of our corporate clients.With the surgery of the computer, the purchase of our new camera, and the voice recordings (which turned out excellent!) I would say it was an exciting day at!