A Disease Called Freedom


A DISEASE called FREEDOM at Pangea World Theater

Performance/Event Documentation

This multi-genre performance gets its provocative title from Wikipedia, via performance/spoken word artist J. Otis Powell!. “A Disease Called Freedom” is based on “drapetomania,” a psychiatric diagnosis coined in 1851 to pathologize the desire of slaves to flee captivity. The Ways Ensemble, a group of musicians, singers, dancers, and performance artists, developed the piece over a couple of years, working improvisationally like jazz musicians. They celebrate their diversity by weaving stories, images, music, and dance into a collective mythology. In addition to Powell!, the group includes musicians Tom Kanthak, Steve Hirsh, Rene Ford, and Michael O’Brien; singer Mankwe Ndosi; dancers Roxane Wallace and Kenna Sarge; storyteller Beverly Cottman; and photographer Bill Cottman.


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Client: Pangea World Theater
Photography: Paul Auguston
Editor: Paul Auguston