Moving the Shubert


Moving the Shubert Theater As Seen on History Channel, MegaMovers

Documentary did this documentary on the historic move of the Shubert Theater, by Stubbs Movers, in downtown Minneapolis garnered international attention with pioneering engineering breakthroughs. LOCATION IMAGES provided a feed for StarTribune web cam, (one of the first), produced all on-site video support for local and international media, created high speed animated footage of the move (Warp Cam TM), produced a 7-min. promotional video about the project, and supplied video for two episodes of the Mega Movers series, produced by 44 Blue for the Discovery Channel in the clip shown here.

The Shubert Theater is now managed by ArtSpace and in it’s new life as The Minnesota Shubert Performing Arts and Education Center it will be a home for dance and music that honors tradition, nurtures innovation, encourages exploration, and presents programs that delight and inspire.