Frank Theatre

We were with Frank Theatre on the opening night of their very first production over two decades ago–and we’ve been there for nearly every show since. Over the years we’ve documented cutting-edge productions, produced promotional web clips and even a 20-minute promotional documentary celebrating 20 years of their great productions.

MisterMan at the Southern

Ajax in Iraq

20 Years of Frank and Hot Dogs

Rohan Preston, Lead Theater Critic, Star Tribune

1989, Farmyard

Phyllis J. Wright, Actor

Dona Werner Freeman, Actor

The American Play

Peter Rachleff, History professor, Macalester College

Beth Cleary, Associate Professor Teacher, Macalester College

Carson Kreitzer, Playwright

2004, Fucking A

Sh`a Cage, Actor

Kathy Kohi, Costumer

Mike Croswell, Composer

Maria Asp, Actor

Luverne Seifert, Performer

Grant Richey, Actor

Dana Munson, Actor

Dominic Papatola, Theater Critic

2005, Gods of Hell

THE WOMEN OF TROY, adapted by Wendy Knox.

THE GOD OF HELL, by Sam Shepard

Presented by Frank Theatre

Directed by Wendy Knox,

Ansa Akyea,

Virginia Burke,

Gary Keast,

Grant Richey

Mother Courage and her Children by Bertholt Brecht

Annie Enneking,

Marya Hart,

Dana Munson,

Tom Sherohman,

Robert-Bruce Brake,

Maria Asp

Videography by Paul Auguston,

Directed by Wendy Knox,

Musical Direction/Michael Croswell,

Set/John Bueche,

Costuming/Kathy Kohl

Beth Cleary on Mother Courage from Frank Theatre

Artistic Director: Paul Auguston

Producer: Edie French

Editor: Robert Bauer

Graphics: Julie Kistler