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Minneapolis Public Schools School Matters, is a monthly TV show highlighting all the great things happening in the Minneapolis Public Schools. Produced by in partnership with Minneapolis Public Schools Office of Communications.CONGRATULATIONS! School Matters won an Award of Excellence from Minnesota Association of Government Communicators (MAGC) and was nominated for Best of Show!School Matters is also available in:


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SEPTEMBER 2013 Howe Campus of Hiawatha Community School, Astronaut Abby at South High, Achieve MPLS Career and College Center at Roosevelt, MPS Kick Off 2013-24 at Mariucci
MAY 2013 Global Diversity Business Case Competition, Summer School, Achieve MPLS, GO TO Pass, HR Diversity Recruiting
APRIL 2013 Lake Nokomis COmmunity School – Wenonah Campus 100 Strong Who Care Viva City
March 2013 We Act/We Day Launch @ Patrick Henry; Appropriate Behavior Standards OFCE; STEM Expo; District Calendar; North High Alumni featuring Samuel Babatunde Ero Phillips; AchieveMpls Edalks
FEBRUARY 2013 School Counselors; Jennifer Zupan Maiser, Jeremy Miller African American Educators; Nellie Stone Johnson, Leandriane Roby, Lucy Craft Laney, Mauri Melander, Mary McCleod Bethune, Melissa Jackson
JANUARY 2013 Property Tax Levy; How to Select a School with Ryan Fair; AchieveMpls Our City Our Schools @ Edison; State Band Concert @ Roosevelt
DECEMBER 2012 Autism Program @ Kenny; Dual Spanish Immersion @ Windom; Winter Safety Tips; AchieveMpls, Skills to Pay the Bills @ Southwest 
NOVEMBER 2012 Welcome Center with Ryan Fair; Community Education; AchieveMpls Graduation Coaches @ Edison
OCTOBER 2012 Team up for Turf @Washburn, Minnehaha Mondays @Northrop, G.O.L.D. Anti-Bully Campaign @Edison, Tips for College Prep@AchieveMpls

SUMMER EDITION 2012 Go-To Bus Segment@Edison, Henry, Washburn, Wellstone, Summer Strong@Sullivan School, MPS Summer School, MPS Summer Meals: Heather Peters, Latanya Daniels, Dan Loewenson, Colleen Kaibel, Ben Tressel, Mary Barrie, Nicole Barron

MARCH/APRIL 2012Yum Power @ Andersen: Carol Chase, Julie Danzl, Pierre Bottineau, French Immersion @Bethune: Tina Maynor, AchieveMpls@Andersen: Mark Murphy, Pam Costain, Viva City@Capri: Henry, North
FEBRUARY 2012 ECE: Maureen Seiwert, Melissa Burns, Viva City: Henry High School, Black History Month: Carl Wilson, Naima Richmond, AchieveMpls: Marika Pfefferkorn
JANUARY 2012 FAFSA February: AchieveMpls George Mountin, Danielle Jastrow, Dr. Bill Smith, Dowling Excellence Award: Joe Rossow, Janet Kujat, Elizabeth Ness, Jane Brandt Katie Carter, FACETS: Emily Quinn, Kevin Washington, Toki Wright, Community Education: Jack Tamble, Connie Balcom, Suzanne Ford
DECEMBER 2011 School Choice, Bancroft: Ryan Fair, Paul Marietta, Stages at Ramsey: Erin Warne, Jeannine Coulombe, STEM Expo: Ken Simon, Margaret Anderson Kelliher, Sara Etzel, STEP-UP Achieve: Jeremiah Brown, Richard Terrell, Richard Davis
NOVEMBER 2011 New Families Center: Martha Swanson, Tou Her, Mohamed Ismail, Elsa Casiano, Science at Field: Tracey Schultz, Steve Norlin-Weaver, New Faces MPS at Roosevelt: Stephen Flisk, STEP-UP Achieve MNCAR Expo: Gabe Philibert, George Ellis, Sasi & Angel
OCTOBER 2011 Community Academic Series at Bryn Mawr: Robyn Cousin, Moni Tillman, Said Garaad, Kou Vang, Muhidin Warfa, Bully Prevention at Seward: Tammy Goetz, Julie Young-Burns, Community Meetings: Scott Redd, AchieveMpls Education Partners: Pam Costain
SEPTEMBER 2011 Welcome Back at Lyndale: Superintendent Bernadeia Johnson, Ossie Brooks James, Mya & Deljuan, Lynn Pyfferoen, Mrs. Casey, Scott Borden, New Faces MPS at Sheridan: Rick Mills, Michael Thomas, Welcome to Kindergarten at Hiawatha: Superintendent Bernadeia Johnson, Ben, Debra Regnier, AchieveMpls Career & College Centers: Arnise Roberson, Anne Erickson
MPS Producer: Bianca Rhodes

Production Services provided by Paul Auguston, Edie French, Luis Iglesias, Ryan Melling, Amy Waksmonski