In the Suites

A true multi-cultural experience. Recently friend and colleague Marge Ostroushko came by to review Community Spirit Awards documentation of an award ceremony that we produced for her on behalf of First People’s fund. In response to “What are you working on?” I gave her the grand tour and had so much fun, I wanted to share it with you….In Suite 1, Nate was working with Adem Abdulrahman to record Somali voice over for the latest edition of School Matters, a monthly TV show also produced in Spanish, Hmong and English for Minneapolis Public Schools.In Suite 2, Ryan was completing a multi-clip edit of a Chinese New Year performance for the Yinghua Charter School.In Suite 3, Julie was completing graphics for “Failure is Not An Option” documentation of a keynote address by the ABC Educator of the Year for Macalester Center for School Change.

At the MPS Channel 15 Programming Station, Meera was scheduling playback of Black StoryTellers, Kumbaya- the Juneteenth Story by Rose McGee, and The Story of John Henry performed by Beverly Cottman, in honor of Black History month.

And finally in the Digital Archeology Lab, Angela was putting the final touches on our new cutting edge 3D Stereographic Tour of Eqypt, the reclamation of a 1908 publication in Print and App.

All in a days work at iDreamTV. Free coffee, free parking, stop by sometime and See What We See. You’ll be glad you did.