Nancy Erickson


Nancy Erickson, CRRN, CCM – YogaFit Certified

Gardens of Salonica, owner Anna Christophorides, introduces Symposia: A Series and describes the creative feast she has prepared. Guest speaker, Nancy Erickson demonstrates the healthy benefits of yoga -everyday for everyone, engaging symposia participants in an interactive demonstration between mouth-watering courses.


This podcast is a project of the Gardens of Salonica, recorded on January 26, 2011. Guests are invited to join the Symposia and enjoy a Chef driven, four course, wine-paired, family style dinner celebrating the ancient foods of Greece and the consequent health benefits. Every 4th Wednesday of the month at Gardens of Salonica in NE Minneapolis. Call for reservations, speaker of the month and event times. Podcast services provided by IMAGES a multimedia company in Minneapolis, MN.