Project Spotlight: Legends B3 Blues at the Capri


“iDream.TV answered a last-minute call to shoot a live concert show, never an easy task. They quickly rallied around the request, brought in talented videographers and some great gear and created a video that captured the essence of the music and the performers beautifully. Thank you!” – Janet Zahn, PCYC/Capri Theater Communications Manager

Last month we worked with media maven Janet Zahn to provide multi-camera concert documentation for a performance at the Capri Theatre, a North Minneapolis landmark. The show featured the music of blues legends BB King, Bobby “Blue”Bland, and Brook Benton performed by vocalists Yolanda Bruce and Julius Collins.

While the shoot was fairly straight forward in most aspects, it marked our first foray into incorporating a remote controlled GoPro camera to get an aerial perspective that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible during a live performance. In this case, we used the GoPro to get close up shots of the Hammond B3 organ, a central “character” in the story.

Of using the GoPro, director of photography, Paul Auguston said ” the miniature 4k camera gave us an intimate up-close view without obstructing the live audience experience, and allowing the video audience to cross the traditional barriers of a staged performance”.

This clip is also featured on the Capri Theater website to promote their fabulous 2015/16 Legends season – the full version, a part of the Capri archives.

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