Project Spotlight: MDI Manufacturing, Packaging, Services – With Purpose


PROJECT NAME: Five Stories

ORGANIZATION: MDI Manufacturing Packaging Services – With Purpose

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: We worked with MDI, a Twin Cities based non-profit manufacturing organization that provides meaningful employment opportunities for people with disabilities, to produce a series of marketing videos for the launch of their new website and rebranding campaign.

The iDream team went on location to MDI’s Minneapolis plant to gather footage of MDI employees at work, graphics and music were added in our studio.

The goal of the project was to introduce MDI to potential employees, customers, and donors highlighting MDI as a unique and respectful work environment, a producer of high quality products, and an organization with a worthwhile mission for improving the lives of those they serve.


Of working with, MDI director of development Peg McQuillan says, “The videos are nothing short of fantastic. They’re not only getting rave reviews for their respectful and beautiful capture of our employees with and without disabilities, but for making lightbulbs go off over the heads of potential employees, customers, and donors who’ve not had the opportunity to visit our facilities. In short, your team nailed it.”


Client Contact:

Peg McQuillan

Director of Development, MDI

(651) 999-8217