Project Spotlight: Reaching audiences in multiple languages


Appeal to the largest audience possible, don’t let language barriers get in your way!

As demographics in Minnesota have shifted, businesses, schools, and government agencies have had to think of ways to effectively reach people whose first language is not English. Recently, we’ve worked with several clients to produce video in other languages, maximize their ability to communicate with diverse audiences. We’ve done this in a couple of different ways…

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 3.18.59 PMMultiple versions of the same video

On projects for the Minnesota Oral Health Coalition (MOHC) and LIFE Prep School, a Saint Paul charter school, we produced one video in English and then employed native-speakers to translate and record voice-overs for these script-based projects. In both cases, the target audience was parents. The MOHC project was designed as a tool for health care providers to educate parents coming into their clinics about the importance of fluoride varnish treatments for their children’s long term oral health. The LIFE Prep project was designed to promote the school and recruit new students and families. In both cases, the client chose to make information easily accessible to audiences beyond the english speaking population. Between the two projects, we helped them reach Spanish, French, Somali, Oromo, Russian, Hmong and Karen families.

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Addressing specific language communities

In an ongoing partnership with WellShare International, a Twin Cities based non-profit dedicated to eliminating health disparities in refugee and immigrant communities, we produced content in the Karen language,  addressing public health concerns for our newest refugee community. In cooperation with WellShare staff and other Karen speakers, we created a series of interviews and PSA’s about the dangers of tobacco use. To do this, our team went on location and then worked with native speakers in our studio to edit the footage and create supporting graphics. Between our technical expertise and their language and cultural knowledge, we were able to help them deliver essential information to the Karen communities in the Twin Cities.

Do you need to reach diverse audiences in languages? Take a look at work we’ve done for Minnesota Oral Health Coalition, LIFE Prep School, and WellShare International, or look at the examples below,  then get in touch to make it happen. Call Edie French at (612) 789-3500 or email to get started today!

WellShare International: Karen anti-smoking PSA

LIFE Prep School: Spanish promo

Minnesota Oral Health Coalition: fluoride varnish parent video Somali