Welcome to the Minneapolis Public Schools



This Spring, a representative sample of 10 fabulous Minneapolis Public Schools were selected to show their stuff. The videos were each filmed in one day, providing an inside look and the opportunity for schools to share a few of their favorite things.

Anderson United Community School


Anwatin Middle School


Jefferson Community School


Jenny Lind Community School


Lucy Craft Laney


Northeast Middle School


North Community High School


Olson Middle School


Richard Green Central Park School


Sheridan Arts Magnet
Production Services provided by iDream.tv, Paul Auguston, Edie French, Nathan Matson, Ryan Melling, Luis Iglesias, Bill Mykytyn, Angela Matson and Joey Grihalva, scripts Leslie Watson

Video Titles:

Andersen United Community School

Debra Brooks Golden, Assistant Principal


Richard Green Central Park School

Braulio Carrasco, Family Liason